2013 Rules Submissions

Note: there were several submissions in regards to "General Rules", but those will not be voted on by the regular classes. The C.R.A. appreciates the suggestions, and they will be considered for implementation.

Submissions will be broken apart for each specific division for Rules Meetings -- (anonymous and in no particular order)


2013 Rules submissions …

All Classes -- Exhaust systems must be leak free and remain intact for the duration of the race. (use of Meatball flag as opposed to black flag)

Hornets – change the provision of Class Champion having to move to another division be changed to allowing no more than 2 Hornet championships.

Stock Cars – there should be a standard height for bumpers (OEM height?)

Stock Cars -- the 2013 rules package shall remain in place for a minimum of 2 seasons to help with consistency (exception: needed safety rule changes).

Hobby Trucks – the 2013 rules package shall remain in place for a minimum of 2 seasons to help with consistency (exception: needed safety rule changes).

Hobby Trucks – In consideration that this is a “hobby” division, I recommend that the CRA adopt the “2013 IMCA Hobby Stock Claim Engine” rules ….

Hobby Trucks -- No aftermarket Ignition boxes on trucks  (currently not in rules due to website hacking) – refer to stock car rules

Hobby Trucks – # 6. Body -- Remove -- Doors must have factory hinges, latches, and strikers. 


 To: Alan Davis rule changes for 2013       Oct 31 2012

hello i was hoping to have these issues talked about at the meeting on nov 10

one -- is i think we are at a point where we need a hard copy, approved copy of 2013 rules handed to us so that we know these have been looked at and not been hacked on internet

second -- was wanting to talk about running hoosier tires for the hobby truck class in 2013


2013 Rules Submission

Revision of protest rules- the general rules need a step by step process that explains: impound, attendees, how long to get vehicles to impound and overall process

Clarification needs to be made about cautions.

Clarification on purposeful spin outs, hitting, rough driving 

The standard for the helmet needs to stay the same. Snell rated 2005 or better. We should not change it as it will potentially make some classes a smaller car count because of the added expense!

Starting races earlier by and hour to an hour and a half should defiantly be taken into consideration.


2013 El Paso County Speedway Rules Submission

1.       K.4. Red/Yellow flag procedures.  Should this be class specific?  If not, wording for the 1200 class should be deleted.

2.       Add track responsibility:  Finish order shall be posted no later than 30 minutes after completion of that event.  Any protests of the order must be filed 30 minutes subsequent to that.

1200 Rules

1. Current registration decal states that it must be posted where it is visible from front or right side.  Not enforced, should it be changed to?  Current registration decal must be visible to officials in staging.  Should also be moved to “General Rules”.

  2. All drivers must attend the track pit meeting.  Not enforced.  I know that it is hard, but could it be linked to sign in?  Should also be moved to “General Rules”.

  3.1200 race procedures and rules can be superseded by “local track” rules.  Should it read:  All competitors must also abide by local track rules.

4. Yellow Flag:  Proposed:  All cars that were scored under green flag conditions will hold that scored position with all other cars lining up according to their last completed green flag scored lap. All cars “involved “will line up at the rear of the field according to their last completed lap.  This partial lap will count toward the event’s total number of laps.  

5.Red Flag: Proposed:  In the event of a red flag, all competitors are required to stop as quickly and safely as possible, but not in the vicinity where safety equipment may be required or utilized.  The restart order will utilize the same procedure as stated under yellow flag conditions.  If the event is red flagged on the white flag lap, the race will not be restarted.  The order of finish will be the order in which the white flag was taken.  The car or cars involved will be scored last, according to their last completed lap.

6. I also propose that all flag and scoring related rules be moved to the “General Rules” and deleted from class specific rules.


I would like to suggest the following rule additions be considered for the 2013 Hobby Truck rules package;

1. A 3 ½ lb ABC Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher be securely mounted in all competing Hobby Trucks. An extinguisher meeting 1-A 10 B:C should be mounted within reach of the driver while he/she is belted in driving position.

2. If the track purchases a cubic inch displacement pump, rules should state that it will be used to verify the 370 cubic inch maximum.

I would like to request that any rules that were omitted or hacked from the current rules package be reinstated in the 2013 Rules Package. This should be done so all current and future competitors will be advised.

I would also like to request that any additional rules that are clarified verbally by Official Staff during the race year be shared with all class competitors. These clarifications should also be listed as they arise and added to the following years rule package for all to see.

Examples of rules, verbally discussed during the 2012 race year, that still need clarification;

1. “STOCK HOLLEY 4412 CARBURETOR”. Can it be modified to use E85 fuel?

2. “STOCK and HEAVY DUTY SHOCKS” only. Are air shocks and load leveling shocks not considered heavy duty shocks?

3. Will “ILLEGAL CONFISCATED PARTS” be returned to car owner at the end of the season?


2013 El Paso County Rules Change Submissions

3.  Section C 5.  Add:   Violation fee schedule and suspension parameters.

4.   Section C 6 and C 7.  Add: Parameters for fines and suspensions.

7.   Section I 6.  Delete: El Paso County Speedway will not use any video replays for scoring purposes.   Add:  All results will be posted no later than 30 minutes

Colorado 1200 Outlaw rules changes

  1. Rookie designation:

Change: A "Rookie" is any driver that has not completed in more than (5) 1200 Outlaw events before joining as a Colorado 1200 Outlaw driver…

      To: A "Rookie" is any driver that has not competed in more than (5) 1200 mini sprint type events with any organization prior to joining as a Colorado1200 Outlaw driver.


High Plains Midgets rules submissions

1. Restarts – CHANGE TO – All cars will be pushed to start after a red flag.

2. All fuel tanks on midgets will be required to be full size tanks (no mini sprint tanks).

3. Specifications – Engine -- 2nd bullet – CHANGE TO – 1000cc min

4. Specifications – Engine – 3rd bullet – ADD “(in current production)” after -- Any “national class” race engines

5. Specifications – Engine – 4th bullet – DELETE “Electric self-starting engines” line.

6. Specifications – Drive Train – ADD – Motorcycle engine powered cars must disable shifter. Clutch handles must be “Locked Out” during race.  All cars to be push started.

7. Specifications – Cockpit – DELETE – all rule changes in 2012 in bold/yellow.

8. Specifications – Appearance – DELETE – “sprint car”.

9. Specification – Appearance – ADD – must have visor panel on front of roll cage.

10. Specifications – Tires & Wheels – ADD – Wheels may not exceed 10” in width.

11. Specifications – Battery – CHANGE TO – Dry or Gel type ONLY. No lead acid batteries allowed.

12.Specifications – Seat – CHANGE TO – four (4) 5/16” grade 8 bolts.

13. Specifications – Weight – REMOVE – “For 2012” 

14. Driver Safety – bullet 4 – ADD (wrist to elbow) after Arm restraints.

15. Driver Safety – bullet 4 – CHANGE -- Head and neck restraint system is highly recommended to Head and neck restraint system mandatory. No Neck Collars allowed.

16. Protest – REMOVE – “weight” from second sentence.



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