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 Ladies and Gentlemen:

We would like to take a moment to make you aware of the rainout procedures at the El Paso County Speedway.

If there is a rain out called prior to the events of the evening getting underway or up to 55% completion (this includes all class heats and all class features), you will need to hold on to your ticket stub and /or pit pass from this evening for entrance to the next event.  If no ticket was issued to you upon entrance this evening, please proceed to the admission gate to obtain a rain out ticket.  Tickets and or pit passes are only valid at the very next event held at the speedway (Exception - "Special Event" Ticketed events will be dealt with on a case by case basis).

If there is a rain out called after running 55 % of the events, then the evening is considered complete and no rain out tickets will be issued.

Per our agreement with the Town of Calhan, the elected officials of El Paso County, and the Fairgrounds Corp., El Paso County Speedway has a 10:00 p.m. curfew.  Any class on the track at 9:59 will receive the white flag, and then the checkered flag on the very next lap. If the race falls into a yellow or red flag condition at 9:59, the event will be considered complete (no matter what amount of laps are completed), and the leader on the previously scored lap will receive the checkered flag (even if no white flag has been displayed).

Option A for hitting a curfew: 

As stated above for rain out situations, if 55% of the heats/features have been run by the imposed curfew time, then the evening will be considered completed.

Option B for hitting a curfew:

If your favorite division is not allowed to compete in their feature due to this curfew, EPCS will make every attempt to add that feature into the next available scheduled date (if that class is scheduled to be in attendance).

Thank you for your cooperation,

Alan Davis








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